Hacktoberfest 2017 debrief

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This year's round of Hacktoberfest was a huge surprise for us. We've had 44 issues prepared for Hacktoberfest in our GitHub repositories. During the first week of October, we've got over 80 messages from people around the globe. So far, we've closed 19 pull requests.

The complete statistics are as follows:

Open issues: 25
Closed issues: 19


C#: 29
Java: 10
JavaScript: 5

One of the great news is that during October, which was the second month of existence of our Java SDK, we've registered 5 pull requests in Java (out of the 10 issues in total). Sweet!

Now, we'd like to highlight our great community contributors:

One would say, Hacktoberfest was even more fun than the original Octoberfest festival. We've enjoyed some coding, got tickers and T-shirts and we had no headaches in the mornings!

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