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Good news everyone!

Today, we're releasing a first beta of the Kentico Cloud Delivery SDK for PHP. We feel confident that it's stable enough and that its structure won't change too much in the future.

What's supported?

  • all Delivery API endpoints (content items, content types, taxonomies)
  • webhooks
  • Preview API
  • content filtering
  • custom model binding and typing + extension points

You can see the detailed feature matrix on our Developer Hub.

What's planned?

In the next milestone, we'd like to implement mainly:

  • content link resolution
  • inline modular content resolution


  1. Use composer to install the package from Packagist
  2. Reference the main namespace use KenticoCloud\Delivery\DeliveryClient;
  3. Instantiate the Delivery Client $client = new DeliveryClient('975bf280-fd91-488c-994c-2f04416e5ee3');
  4. Follow the appropriate steps in the documentation based on your scenario

Any feedback is welcome!

We encourage you to try out the package yourself and give us your feedback. Either here or in the GitHub repo.

We're mainly interested in whether you think the returned models are structured logically and how easy it was for you to start using the package.

Also, do you think it's enough to support PHP 7+ or should we consider making the SDK compatible with older versions of PHP?

Thanks for your input!

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