Publish via API call?

Is there an API call which will allow us to publish a requested piece of content? We're looking to create a migration tool which will use the API calls available to create the content and then subsequently publish it once imported.

It seems like we have the capability to create content but I couldn't find anything regarding a publish.

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  •[email protected] Brno, Czech RepublicMember

    Hello Kyle, unfortunately there is no way how to publish a content via API in the moment, however, more details about your usecase could help us to design this functionality in future. Would you use this just for the migration scenario or are there any other specific needs?

  • Hi Lukas,

    Yes at the moment it would be just to satisfy this migration scenario.

    We are comparing multiple CMS' for use in a decoupled architecture where the CMS acts purely as a content editor and the subsequent published data is pushed to a GraphQL data store.

    Another CMS we are looking at - Contentful - does offer the ability to publish any given content via an API call and their implementation has worked well for us in this scenario.


  • Hi Lukas,

    Yeah I imagine it'd be a one time thing. That internal API sounds interesting, I'll give you an email shortly to arrange a discussion about it.

    Thanks again for your help,

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