Image Upsert Webhook

When I test my webhook, it's not being notified when an Image is uploaded. I'm getting notifications when an item is published and unpublished. Is there a long queue for asset notifications? I tried uploading three new images, and also edited the descriptions.



  • mmandersonmmanderson Member

    So, for some a little bit of background. I did some load testing on a preview version of my site, and I felt that it would be better to store my images in an Azure Storage Blob. In part because I would also like to do some image processing to optimize and crop. My plan is to set up an Azure Function that's trigger by a Webhook when an asset is upserted to Kentico's Asset Library. First the image url will be put into an Azure Queue, and then a Function will copy the image to Azure Storage where I will then make copies of different sizes using TinyPNG.

    However, none of this can happen without a notification that an image has been upserted. I created a simple test with and my webhook is notified when content has been published/unpublished, but not when an image is upserted. Is there some setting I'm missing? The alternative would be to create an image upload application and bypass Kentico Cloud for images altogether.

  • mmandersonmmanderson Member

    It looks like the upsert is only triggered when a content item is published and uses an image that has never been in a published piece of content before. That's too late in the workflow for what I'm trying to do.

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