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Within our content input form profile I need to of course add multiple suffixes like MD or ARNP and much more. I used the multiple choice list but this can be a long list and make the input form long. I don't see a dropdown style option to choose from that would help shorten our content form. Will the multiple choice element ever have the drop down style option? That would be a big help since our content creators do not like having a long form to fill out. thnx



  • JanL@kentico.com[email protected] Czech RepublicMember, Administrator, Kentico Staff admin

    Hello @robert.burr , by stating "input form", do you mean the UI of the Kentico Cloud inventory? Or is that a form developed independently? Thank you.

  • robert.burrrobert.burr Member

    Sure! It is the Kentico Cloud inventory form that our content creators would fill out.

  • JanL@kentico.com[email protected] Czech RepublicMember, Administrator, Kentico Staff admin
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    Cool, thank you!

    Just a few follow-up questions: Is the consumption of the page real estate the only concern? If not, what would be the other improvements you'd like to see? If the real estate is the only concern, what would be the ideal makeover (and why)? Apart from the "dropdown" you've mentioned, would you also like the suffix list to re-flow to several columns to fill the full available width in the page? Or, would you like it to be expandable/collapsible? Or, would it be better to just have the suffix list shrinked with a vertical scrollbar in it? Or just the dropdown?

    Once clarified, I'll pass your feedback to one of our product owners responsible for content authoring. He'll probably get in touch with you later to discuss the idea (and others you might have) in detail.

    BTW, it is great that you give us this kind of feedback. It helps us a lot in prioritizing the new features and adjustments to the existing ones.

    Also, if anyone else has the same requirement, please drop us a comment in this thread.


  • robert.burrrobert.burr Member

    The consumption of the page real estate is the main concern because our Kentico Cloud Content item input form was just getting long and I still need to add items. When our content creators gave me feedback and asked for a dropdown selection feature it made sense. We have website forms with the select option element (dropdown) and that is an element that users are familiar with when filling out website forms. The perception of long forms to fill out sometimes discourages users. thank you for considering this feedback.

    Other feedback while I am thinking about it :)
    1. Regular expression for content validation. Example - content should be all numbers between 0-5. All lower case text. Phone number format and more. Regular expression validation at the Kentico Cloud level would make us developers happy :)
    2. Make a content item filed unique. Example - we have press releases that are entered by our PR staff. Sometimes they input the exact same press release in a hurry not knowing it was entered already. If we have the Title of the PR unique then Kentico Cloud could alert the user that the title has already been inputted.
    3. Auto id generation - We are about to input all our medical providers (MD, DO etc...) into kentico cloud. By pure chance we have two medical providers with the same first and last name (We are not going to use middle initial). We would like to have a auto unique id to distinguish them such as an auto id in a relational database.

    Thank you,
    Robert B.

  • JanL@kentico.com[email protected] Czech RepublicMember, Administrator, Kentico Staff admin

    Hello @robert.burr , your feedback makes sense to me, thank you! I can see you've tapped on these topics with my colleagues, so I've merged all that feedback into the proper spot.

    BTW, as for the regular expression validation, we already have some requests like that from our other customers. Your feedback helped in raising the importance of this feature. Hopefully, our dev teams will get to this story sooner.


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