Raising the .NET Standard version of our Delivery SDK

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Hello .NET developers!

In pursuit of having our SDKs modern and also in reaction to recent David Fowler's recommendation, we're about to raise our Delivery SDK from netstandard1.3 to netstandard2.0. Such change would not bring any breaking changes in the code of the SDK. We'll also maintain full backward compatibility and keep the existing net45 target framework moniker.

For those of you who have .NET Core projects, this change means that you would have to upgrade the project to .NET Core 2.0 or above.

The question is: Would you have any reasons not to have the .NET Standard version raised?

Thank you for your responses!



  • tfayastfayas Member

    I can't think of any reason not to go with the current standard, as long as you keep a backward compatible version for a time.

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