A few things I'd love to see

Hi guys

Just going to leave these here in case you're looking for ideas :-)
Apologies if they have been mentioned in other posts.

I would love the ability to add some kind of "meta" model to every single field, that could maybe be accessed in the UI by clicking on "advanced" and showing a popup or something. I would use this for example to add a checkbox to every text field for "index in search", or a numeric field for "search index priority".

Very similar to above I would love to be able to add extra fields to media assets. The description is probably always used as alt text on an image, but in the current project I'm working on I need to add image attribution text. It would be nice if I didn't have to add that as an extra text field in every model where I add an asset. Also it mean the attribution is tied to the asset itself, so I wouldn't have to find every content item where that image is used to make updates to the associated text.

I would love to also be able to restrict the types of items that can be added in the rich-text modular content.


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    Hi @sam , we're always looking for new ideas!

    Actually, your idea with the meta-information of elements is something that I personally haven't been thinking about yet. It sparked my curiosity about how this would fit in the overall concept in Kentico Cloud. For instance, are you sure that the boolean value "Include in search index" would be the same for all content items of a particular type? Are there any other use cases that you've found this meta-information useful for?

    For the time being, I'd suggest an easy and valid workaround. Instead of a meta-information for an element, you can add another ordinary element and use its name or codename to hold all the necessary information that would otherwise be captured in the meta-model. Your app wouldn't render that element and it would simply ignore its value (when requesting items); it would just use the codename or name (that is the same for all items of a type).

    What I personally like about Kentico Cloud is that is extremely flexible and poses very little constraints to you as a developer. As someone pointed out, the headless CMSs can deal with lots of challenges just because they do not pretend that they can address all challenges.

    Let me know if this would work for you. (BTW, I of course added all your ideas into our product board so that they can be evaluated thoroughly.)

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