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As far as I can tell once a project is created, you can only Archive a project, you're not able to permanently delete one.

Is this correct? For example, it would be nice to be able to delete a copy of the 'Sample Project'.

Can I also double check if there's a way to regenerate a Project's Project ID? In a similar way to that you can generate a new Personal Data API key?


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    Hi @liamgoldfinch , correct, you can archive the project. As we're always trying to understand customers, I'd ask what would be your reasons to completely delete the project?

    Is it because your archived projects contain information that could be published again by your colleagues or partners by mistake? Or just because you don't like seeing lots of archived projects in the project listing? Both would be completely valid reasons. Or, is there any other reason that I couldn't imagine?


  • Hi @[email protected]

    The main reason from my point of view is that I've created a couple of test projects using the 'Sample Project' and I know these projects aren't going to be used in the future. At the moment they're basically cluttering up the project listing, so it just makes sense that they should be able to be permanently deleted.


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    Hi @liamgoldfinch , thanks for clarifying it to me. I can tell that we have a task to address the multitude of archived projects with a switch (show/hide archived ones). The task hasn't been planned for any sprint yet but it is considered a major issue. Maybe we'll see this in the product in the following months.

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    Thanks @[email protected].

    Sounds great - will be a nice feature once it has been added.

    Can I just double check with my second question, is it possible to generate a new Project ID? Just by looking at the KC admin site, it doesn't appear that you can.

    An example use case for this would be if the Project ID has been accidentally publicly published on GitHub (obviously this shouldn't be the case if using a gitignore and appsettings.config or similar). The API key has therefore been compromised and you would ideally want to generate a new one. How difficult would it be to then generate a replacement Project ID?


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    Hi @liamgoldfinch ,

    The Project ID (unlike API keys) is a public identifier, not a security measure. That's why it is considered a public information. (For instance, suppose you have a SPA app. That's where the Project ID is always in the JavaScript code in the browser.)

    That's why the Project ID does not have the option to be re-generated. But the secure access API keys, content management API key and the personal data API key can be generated new. If they're compromised, you can go to Project settings (Alt+4) --> API keys and hit Generate new API key in the respective text box.

    I hope I've clarified your doubts. If not, just let me know and I'll be happy to help more.

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