Option to order assets within content item

techtech Member
edited October 2018 in Product Wishlist

When editor adds assets (mainly images) within content item (not directly in asset library) it would be good to have the option to order the images. This will be handy for image slider, galleries etc.
At the moment latest uploaded asset will be listed first.


  • OndrejS3@kentico.com[email protected] BrnoMember, Kentico Staff mod

    Hi there,

    thanks for your feedback, noted! :+1: We've already had some feedback for that, so it's definitely something on our radar.

  • Is this still on the roadmap? :-) Would be good to see this, maybe displaying a number on top of each image would be good as well to make the order clear.

  • mhinesmhines Member

    This needs to happen.

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