How to Migrate entire data from one Kentico cloud Project to another one ?

We are migrating our data from one Kentico cloud instance to another. Is there a simple export functionality exposed through UI/API to do the same?


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    Hello @rashmi_ranganthan , yes there is!

    You can either use our Content Management API or you can make use of our community project called Migration tool that simplifies the usage of the above API.

    The tool has both a UI and its own simplified API. You can either spin up your instance of the tool or use the public instance.

    What's more, we're currently in the process of implementing a way to setup project structure too. Once implemented, you will be able to not only export/import data but also the content models. You can get the glimpse of our progress anytime at .

    Hope it helped. Let us know if there's anything you miss.

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