Kentico Roadshow 2017 Q&As

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Follow up questions and discussions during or after Kentico Roadshows.

Q: Are any clients using cloud with non Kentico CMS/EMS e.g WordPress, Magento, Sharepoint?

Vojta: We have some clients using KC with WordPress, but more clients integrate with Kentico EMS because we have import module (Importing to KC). But you can upload content from Kentico Cloud to any platform via Migration API.

Q (Ajay): How much front end customization freedom you have in Kentico Cloud?

Bryan: You have absolute 100% freedom to develop what you want to display the content
Andy: Kentico Cloud does not have a front-end, that’s what’s best. It isn’t a page generator, it is a content repository.

Q (Ajay): Of course a business secret, how did you convince the client for Kentico Cloud Solution vs CMS?

Andy: Explain that KC is a different approach, and it is the best of breed. KC also uses UX first approach, whereas EMS is developer first.

Q: How do your rollback on Kentico Cloud?

Bryan: in KC, changes are written to back-end repository in real time, so if you do something you can undo that item and rollback individual actions.
And you can roll back content versions (Revisions)

Q: How do you handle caching of data coming from Kentico Cloud for performance purposes?

Bryan: you can cache your client which is connected to KC, you can cache the responses from KC (both part of the Boilerplate), KC itself is using great amount of caching behind the scenes (CDN)

Q (Marty): Thomas, are your backend devs creating the schema in cloud or has someone else taken on that role?

Bryan: Dev needs to be involved in that because they need to understand the architecture to display it, as they will be pulling the content via API – they do not have to create the definition of content, but they need to understand the structure
Andy: The first person who creates the content types are usually producers or product managers (calls to action, fields, links, etc.), but the developers would always go and add additional stuff

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