Retrieve Taxonomy and Sitemap via Delivery API (Workaround)[email protected] BrnoMember, Administrator, Kentico Staff admin
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As for now Delivery API doesn't have any support for Taxonomy or Sitemap, but it's on our roadmap, no worries!

Workaround at the moment is to create a special content item called, e.g. Taxonomy_group_XY, then assign all the taxonomy terms within a specific taxonomy group to this item. When you will get this item via Delivery API, it will contain all the taxonomy terms, so you can use them for filtering or so. The same approach can be used to retrieve the whole Sitemap.

If you're going to use this workaround, please let us know about your use-case. When and why would this kind of API be beneficial for you?


  • leelee Member ✭✭

    I've been looking at using sitemap to build dynamic routing in an MVC application.

    This could be used to either route all content types through a single controller OR to allow more complex routing based on the sitemap.

  •[email protected] Eindhoven, NLMember, Administrator, Kentico Staff admin

    Hi @LeeConlin! @JanLenoch will be publishing an article about the dynamic routing through a single controller soon (with code examples). make sure you follow the forums and official blog :)

  • HelenaGrulichovaHelenaGrulichova Member, Kentico Staff mod

    Hi, we used a taxanomy field within the content type to assign the item ot categories. Now, we are developing a filter to allow web site visitors to filter the items according to these categories (and thus we need to list all of them). We plan to change the categories in future that is why we do not want to use this workaround. We would need to update the dummy item when adding a new category and we do not want to keep this in mind. Especially, when there are no editable guidelines for taxanomies.

  •[email protected] Member, Kentico Staff mod

    To give you a heads-up, we're going to add taxonomy to the Delivery API soon. I'd say within 4-6 weeks. @HelenaGrulichova As you mentioned, there aren't editable guidelines for taxonomies. However, this idea seems relevant and interesting. What guidelines do you need to specify for which taxonomies? Thanks for your feedback.

  •[email protected] Czech RepublicMember, Administrator, Kentico Staff admin

    I've published the article in Kentico Cloud blog.

  • ralphralph Member

    @TomasHruby 4-6 month later... is there any development on how to easily create a navigation based on the sitemap?

  •[email protected] Member, Kentico Staff mod

    Hey Ralph, we're currently not considering sitemap endpoint for this purpose. Sitemap is originally there for content editors to be able to filter the content and navigate around better. The official best practice is what Jan described in the article mentioned above. Do you have any feeedback for what's discussed in the article? We'd love to hear your opinion.

  •[email protected] Member, Kentico Staff mod
    edited December 2017

    Hi, @RalphSpandl . All tools for rendering navigations or faceted filtering should be up and running. The Delivery API now includes Taxonomy groups (you can read about it in our dev docs. Regarding website navigation, we strongly recommend managing navigation as content items as it gives you several benefits such as localization, testing variants of navigation etc. The approach @JanLenoch describes in his article is one of many ways to model navigation. Don't hesitate to share your feedback on how it fits you and what's missing.

    As for the sitemap. We encourage you to use is for internal categorization of content inside Kentico Cloud. It's because we see the approach described above as more robust. Of course, unless we get feedback telling otherwise.

  •[email protected] Czech RepublicMember, Administrator, Kentico Staff admin

    Hi, if you're interested in using a dedicated taxonomy group to capture your navigation hierarchy, I've outlined the possible solution in .

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