How are people assembling "pages"?

ChristopherJenningsChristopherJennings Member, Kentico Staff mod
edited April 2017 in Content Strategy

I've been working on a small project and am wondering what others are doing to create "pages". The site is basically a brochure-ware site with a bunch of pages that list different things. The approach I'm taking is to create "page" content types and "content" content types. The idea being that "page" content types use primarily modular content consisting of different sets of "content" types. For example:

  • Page-Leadership is a content type used to define the leadership page consisting of the following:
    • A modular content list with a single metadata content item (common for all "page" content types)
    • A modular content list for leaders with titles (e.g. CEO, CFO, etc.)
    • A modular content list for the remaining board members

Is there a better way to handle this? Am I explaining my process clearly?

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