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This is a series of articles about using MVC, mainly in relation to Kentico Cloud. Let's highlight some of the MVC artifacts and patterns that are worth using!



Remember the article MVC: Re-use Views of Content Items? Three months ago, we had a dream of strongly typed content, composing pages of re-usable modular content and a re-using the visuals automatically in MVC.

Now, that dream came true.

We've implemented everything that's required to use MVC Display templates. Display templates, when combined with Kentico Cloud, allow business users to compose pages easily with reusable modular content items. Even if users completely remix the page with completely different modular content items of different content types, the MVC app will always render the page without the need of a touch of a developer!

To make it happen, we had to first develop the following state of the art tech:

On top of that, we've prepared an ASP.NET Core MVC boilerplate code that allows you to instantiate new runnable projects with the new 'dotnet new' command.

And finally, we've updated our MVC sample app to not only reflect the coolest new stuff in the Delivery .NET SDK, but also to demonstrate the aforementioned Display templates and other best practice with MVC and Kentico Cloud. We'll continue in improving it once new features make it to the product - to Kentico Cloud.

Let's jump into the part 2 to see how view-models can be useful. In the ongoing parts, we'll demonstrate Display templates and other best practice in MVC. Stay tuned!

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