Are you planning to provide invalidate hooks?

I'm playing around with REST-based backend integration from my web application to Kentico Cloud. I'd like to cache some content on my end and invalidate it as soon as my web editor modifies it.
Are you planning to provide invalidate hooks so that I could expose an endpoint you would call once content is published / deleted?



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    Hi @RadosławKowalski ,

    Yes, definitely, we just can't be specific about when it is released. In the meantime, you can make use of a simple caching mechanism that uses a fixed period of time to cache content.

    Please note that Kentico Cloud already does the performance optimization by serving most of the requests off of CDN servers. But, if you wish to save on requests to the Delivery/Preview API endpoints, caching can be used for that.

    (I've linked this conversation to our internal systems so that we get the context information once the development of the web hooks feature starts. Would you like to give us more insights on how you would like the web hooks to be implemented? We'd like to contact you in the future.)



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    Hi @RadosławKowalski,

    Thanks for an interesting suggestion. Actually, we plan to release the first portion of webhooks in two weeks. In this version, you'll be able to make a URL notified about content publishing events. That means:

    • When a content item is (un)published
    • When published content items are deleted
    • When a publish content items are changed due to change in content type or taxonomy group

    We're going to continue adding other types of events after that. I'm curious how viable will the feature be in two weeks.

    • Will the content publishing events cover your use case?
    • If not, what would you expect to be notified about?
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