Is there any plans in the future to introduce forms into the equation?

I'm thinking contact us forms on a website? Feedback form within an app? Submit a bug form within an app/portal etc.

This would be split into the ability to create/edit the forms within the Kentico Cloud admin area and then also the ability to store the submitted forms.

I would personally consider this lower priority than a lot of the other items discussed given the nature of what Kentico Cloud will generally be used for, but think it will definitely be useful long term.




  • MartinMichalikMartinMichalik Member, Moderator, Kentico Staff mod

    Hi Matthew,

    thanks for your feedback. We are definitely thinking about bringing this feature into Kentico Cloud. Would you be willing to share with us your expectations during a quick call? Thanks.


  • MatthewSwainMatthewSwain Member

    Hi Martin,

    Yes of course, do you want to email me [email protected] and we can have a discussion.



  • MattLeeMattLee Member

    I agree.

    It would be great if Kentico Cloud can include the standard BizForm feature, it will be greate.

  • I think that rather than attempting to add a form creator model, it would be good to have an area for recording and displaying submitted form data within the Kentico Cloud administration (linking it to contacts) - for scenarios such as a simple enquiry form.

    I would think the form creation and submission handling (including validation and auto-response emails etc) would still be handled in the custom end-project (website / mobile app etc).

    In Kentico Cloud there would just be the initial field configuration (to know what data to expect to receive), listing, searching and viewing of submissions. Maybe a basic status that can be set so the admin can record if they have dealt with the enquiry/submission.

    This would save building an additional custom administration when used with small sites or applications.

  • ralphralph Member

    One of the most useful feature in Kentico next to forms data is the email queue. Being able to proof to a client that an email was sent at a specific time helped me many times. Since forms often/always go along with email delivery, this might be a great addition as well.

    However, since emails are not sent from the cloud, there should be a way to update the form fields remotely...

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