Integrating with Azure Search

JakubFerencJakubFerenc Member

In our scenario we need to support full text search in contents. How would you integrate content from Kentico Cloud to Azure Search? Is there an easy way how to push new content once it is published to the search engine?

When can we expect that full text search will be integrated directly in Kentico Cloud?



  •[email protected] Eindhoven, NLMember, Administrator, Kentico Staff admin

    @BryanSoltis wrote a nice article about this kind of integration on DevNet.

    I guess he can provide you with more info, if you have any specific questions.

    Regarding the full text search integration directly in Kentico Cloud, perhaps our POs @TomasHruby or @BranoSandala could share more details about the roadmap.

  • JakubFerencJakubFerenc Member

    Thanks @petrsvihlik! The article is exactly what I was searching for.
    I am still curious when Search will be part of the product.

  •[email protected] Member, Kentico Staff mod

    Great question, @JakubFerenc ! Actually, we plan to release webhooks to capture all events related to published content on July 17th (that's the plan, but naturally, no promises). You will be able to get notified when new content is published or when published content is changed.

    Regarding search directly in Kentico Cloud, to share our plans, I'd need to know whether you're asking about the possibility to search content in the CMS when writing content or you're asking about adding full-text to our API natively. Or, maybe another use case?

  • JakubFerencJakubFerenc Member

    Thank you for the answer @TomasHruby. The webhooks can be pretty useful also for other scenarios as cache clearing.

    My question was about full-text search API in content delivery. The typical usage would be to search content subtree for some text occurrences with all the features which are now common in full text search (e.g. typos handling,multiple languages support, ...).

    Speaking about the search in CMS. For me it is integral part of CMS. In larger projects with hundreds of editors and thousands of content items working without search would be very difficult.

  •[email protected] Member, Kentico Staff mod

    Awesome feedback, @JakubFerenc , thanks. Unfortunately, we don't plan to use AzureSearch, ElasticSearch or Lucene under the hood. After releasing webhooks, we would like to set the best practices how you can easily integrate with them. However, our plans may change. If you believe native integration is important, I'd be more than happy to know why and what are the pros and cons of integrating Kentico Cloud with a search engine.

  • JakubFerencJakubFerenc Member

    You are right @TomasHruby, in the world of headless it make sense to keep search outside of the content API.

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