Filtering with modular contents

GaryHuangGaryHuang Member

Hello, I am new to kentico, and would like to ask a simple question.

For example, now I have 4 content types “Country”, “City”, “Contract”, and “Staff”

(1) “Country” has 2 items : “France”, “Japan”

(2) “City” has a modular content “Country”, 2 items :
- “Paris” (modular content : “France”)
- “Tokyo” (modular content : “Japan”)

(3) “Contract” has 2 items : “Full Time”, “Part Time”

(4) “Staff” has two modular content “City” and “Contract”, a few items like :
- “Aaron” (modular content : “Paris”, “Full Time”)
- “David” (modular content : “Paris”, “Part Time”)
- “Katy” (modular content : “Tokyo”, “Full Time”)

I can only get the full list of “Staff” without filtering as below :

But, How to filter the “Staff” list for “Full Time” staffs in “France” with the Delivery API ???

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