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IleshMistryIleshMistry Member, MVP MVP
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Is there going to be some capability to have resource strings functionality when the new localisation module is built/comes out?

I realise it could be used currently via multiple content types, but this would not be a great experience for the content editor.



  •[email protected] Member, Kentico Staff mod

    Hi @IleshMistry, where would you need to use resource strings? I know this might be obvious, but could you please provide some example? Thanks

  • ralphralph Member

    I just bumped into a similar issue when planning our first cloud site.

    There are many places you require UI strings on a site. Most obvious example is in a web form. Then also from time to time in the footer or some non standard elements on the site, that just don't really fit into a tight structure.

    I solved it basically with a content type, which has the great advantage that I could add a field, called "usage", cause if a translator goes through a list of UI strings without context, translation often fails.

    However, somehow it feels wrong to handle a UI string like a page.

    What is the recommended Kentico best-practice today?

  •[email protected] Member, Kentico Staff mod

    At the moment, the best practice (or, I'd say, the best current) is, as you said, to add elements to the content type. For example, you can create a content type for a shopping cart which enables you to write and translate the micro-copy in the cart. There's currently no way to create resource bundles.

    @RalphSpandl could you please give me an example of a content item that represents a resource string? I'm curious what's the purpose of usage.

  • IleshMistryIleshMistry Member, MVP MVP

    Is there a possibility to create all your resource strings into one area? As for a client or even a translator who wants to translate all the strings pretty quickly, it would be far handier to do this in a single place.

  • LucieOstrcilovaLucieOstrcilova Member
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    My two cents on the topic of translation of shopping cart strings and application UI. Besides being able to translate strings rapidly, understanding context of the string is very important too. Having context is what makes and breaks the copy.

  •[email protected] Eindhoven, NLMember, Administrator, Kentico Staff admin

    Absolutely agreed, @LucieOstrcilova !

  • adamadam Member ✭✭

    The Java SDK could support this if you are using Thymeleaf as a rendering engine. I actually have a TODO in the code to pass along the locale to the engine if it's in the query. If there is not locale in the query, do you think it's reasonable to default to the system locale?

  •[email protected] Eindhoven, NLMember, Administrator, Kentico Staff admin

    @aweigold I think it's reasonable. Either that or English. But system's locale should be fine.

  • ralphralph Member

    @TomasHruby after restructuring our content models, the only items that are left for UI strings are

    • Form elements (labels, placeholder text, etc.)
    • Error messages
    • (I leave out taxonomy, since it is in your plans to make them localizable)
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