Asset URLs

It would be great if we could configure a URL inside the Kentico Cloud that is more relevant to the project that can be used to retrieve assets.

For example.. instead of:

We could configure a URL such as:

And the Kentico Cloud assets library would know the project ID from the url.

If a domain is configured, the delivery API would serve all image references using it.

The developer would need to setup the appropriate DNS settings as specified in the Kentico Cloud interface.


  •[email protected] Eindhoven, NLMember, Administrator, Kentico Staff admin

    Hi @ChrisThompson . Could you please share a bit more on why would you like it to be configurable?
    Is the current behavior preventing you from successfully implementing some scenarios?

  • ChrisThompsonChrisThompson Member
    edited June 2017

    Hi @petrsvihlik - a few reasons:

    • for security as it provides visibility to the project ID which allows a user to access the delivery API to retrieve the full project content.

      • Ideally it should be possible to use Kentico Cloud system without there being any visibility, even through investigation on the html source code, that it is being used.

      • if a company has spent time and money on images and other assets, they would like them to show up in searches such as Google Images attributed to their domain

    As a development benefit:

    • If the site developer set the URL to their own server, it would make it easy for the developer to introduce their own way to handle files, including using Image Processor to retrieve the file and manipulate it before serving it to the end user. They could also then change the mime types, add custom caching etc

    Thanks, Chris.

  • MartinHejtmanekMartinHejtmanek Member, Kentico Staff mod

    Hi Chris,

    You should be able to achieve this by adding additional layer (a proxy or CDN) on your side in front of Kentico Cloud public endpoint. This way you would have also more control over certificate etc.

    The only drawback is that you would need to replace the original domain with your custom domain in the Delivery API output, so perhaps the solution might be just the ability to set custom domain for assets for the project that Delivery API would use for resolving, without handling DNS, certificates etc. on Delivery API side.

    Any thoughts?

  • Hi Martin,

    If the delivery API could handle having a configured domain for assets that would be good.

    There would be some more expense for the customer in an additional CDN/proxy, but this is ok.

    This also allows for the potential to use image manipulation libraries such as ImageProcesser to resize etc.

    I think it would be a worthwhile addition.

    Thanks, Chris.

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