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Content Types are "the big show" when it comes to getting content, info, data, other into Kentico Cloud for a project. Just as there will be many different types of content - there will equally be many different types of role involved in managing that content e.g. editor, developer, admin etc.

As an example, with Content Types we see people modelling:
1. First class content entities e.g. News, Article etc.
2. Partial content entities e.g. code snippets, call to action
3. Navigation content entities e.g. navigation group, navigation item
4. UI localization content entities e.g. resource string group, resource string item
5. Workarounds for pretty much anything else that needs stored and edited by someone via the UI

Feature request
Based on the above, and also on having this request in a sales call ("can I limit what types of content a given role can access"), it would be good if we could manage access between a user's role and a Content Type - especially if the model is going to become large, full of Content Types that a standard editor will never use etc.

In this way, and the following is only an example, you could configure a project so that editors can manage (1) and (2), and more advanced users can manage (3), (4) and (5). Ideally the UI only presents Content Types that you can manage.



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