Allow Grammarly browser extension to work in the editor for text/rich_text

leelee Member ✭✭

Grammarly now offers a browser extension that allows you to use it on any normal text area (it even works on this forum).

However, because the rich_text fields in the content editor for Kentico Cloud is actually a bunch of divs it doesn't seem to be able to work there. I'd like it to as it makes it easy for content editors to correct their spelling and grammar.


  • MartinHejtmanekMartinHejtmanek Member, Kentico Staff mod

    Hi Lee, Kentico Cloud is using rich text editor based on DraftJS which is at the moment incompatible with Grammarly as it adds extra tags which the editor can't deal with. Grammarly disabled it for DraftJS ( and many other advanced editors (CK editor for instance). In general, extensions like this are problematic within frameworks like React that Kentico Cloud uses as they interfere with the rendering.

    We are currently investigating it to see what could be done about it.

  • elianabriningerelianabrininger Member
    edited August 2018

    The rich text editor of Kentico Cloud is helping a lot to fix spelling errors, but Grammarly would correctly help you. I recently get a premium free Grammarly at discount rate ( ) and have added as Chrome extension too. Even it is working here and helping me to find out grammar based errors. That's means with the presence of the rich-text editor, you can also be benefited from Grammarly extension.

  •[email protected] Czech RepublicMember, Administrator, Kentico Staff admin

    Thanks @elianabrininger for sharing your thoughts! I passed them onto the right people.

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