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Welcome to the place where you can:

  • meet other people who use Kentico Cloud
  • meet the Kentico team
  • ask questions
  • express feelings about the product and related technologies/topics

We'll do our best to make sure your inquiries won't remain unanswered.

How to search the forums

Just use the full-text search box. You can expand the search box into an advanced search form.

Refer to How to Search the Forums (Advanced) for advanced search syntax.

How to ask questions

Log in with your Kentico Cloud credentials or register in the top-right corner. You will become a member immediately and you can ask your question right away!

Be sure to choose a category and tags so that your question makes it to the eyesight of the right audience.

Tips and tricks

You can edit your profile to get recognized.
Use the reactions to share how you feel about other’s comments. The most liked content shows up on the 'Best of' page.
Mention others. To let someone know you are talking about or to them, put the '@' symbol before the username. They’ll get notified when you do so.
Update your notification settings. You’ll receive a notification if someone mentions you or posts to a discussion that you’ve bookmarked. You can set notifications from your edit profile page.
Post a comment to someone’s Activity Feed on their profile page. Remember, these comments can be seen by everyone. You can send private messages too, or check your messages by going to your 'inbox' in your personal menu.
Bookmark a discussion (click the star) to get notifications for new comments. You can edit notification settings from your profile.
Check out the forum from your mobile phone. Just go to the forum URL in your browser - no need to download an app.
Want to embed content? Our forum supports automatic embed for Twitter, Pinterest, Vine, YouTube, and Vimeo. Just paste in the URL of the content, and we will do the rest.
Markup your posts with simple HTML or Markdown tags and preview your comment before posting.
Choose titles for your posts that are clear and concise.
Don’t forget to add a picture to your profile. You can step out of the crowd!
Use the search before you ask a question, you might be surprised to find the answer.
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  • jldjld Oregon, USAMember

    FYI- the Disqus social sign-in method returned an error.

  •[email protected] Czech RepublicMember, Administrator, Kentico Staff admin

    Hi, thanks for the heads up! We'll look into that.

  •[email protected] Czech RepublicMember, Administrator, Kentico Staff admin
    edited April 2017

    @jld said:
    FYI- the Disqus social sign-in method returned an error.

    Hi @jld, the issue with Disqus has been fixed. You can now log in with Disqus. Thanks for letting us know!

  • jldjld Oregon, USAMember

    Thx! B)

  • riviere.edouardriviere.edouard SydneyMember


    I was wondering if there was a way to change my username?

  •[email protected] Eindhoven, NLMember, Administrator, Kentico Staff admin

    Hi, we can manually change it for you. Just send me a private message with the desired name.

  • Thanks :)

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