managing assets

I'm missing some Assets Library features:

  • grouping assets into folders
  • selecting multiple assets for deleting them or moving/copying into folders
  • tagging
  • sorting (by size/date/type etc)


  •[email protected] Czech RepublicMember, Administrator, Kentico Staff admin

    Hello Geoff,

    Thanks for your feedback! I've put your notes to our product board. Would you like to share some more detailed information about your scenarios? It would be great if we had a complete understanding of your needs.



  • ralphralph Member

    Bigger projects get quickly out of hand... Let's imaging a web site with some image libraries... i.e. events.

    The photographer ships 10 sets of 50 images and unfortunately they are all called DSC_193732.jpg

    The editor drops them into his content item and will never be able to distinguish them in the asset library.

    The correct way to do this would be to start planning the asset library structure:

    • Events
      • 2017
      • Event 1
      • Event 2
      • Etc.

    Then upload the images into this exact location from where they can be attached to the content item without creating chaos.

    Then all other points above are valid:

    • Select multiple items to apply tags
    • Select multiple items to move them into different folders
    • Select multiple items to delete them or do other actions (only actin possible right now would be to apply the same alternative text)
    • Filter by date makes sense to find all images that have been uploaded today
    • Filter by type... find all svg images, etc. (OK, can be done via .svg filter)

    New one to add: List view, to fit more items on a screen and focus on asset names and not images (use case: Many Excel files, SVG files, or other documents that do not generate a preview )

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