How to use taxonomy in a multi-lingual environment?

We had recently some discussions on how organize a client list into different industries. There were two solutions on the table:
1. Create a content type called industries and apply an inventory item as a modular content to a client
2. Create a taxonomy group, called industries and tag the content item "client" with a tag

Our dev favored option 2, however, it seems not to be possible to localize a tag and it would therefor never be possible to display the tag in the UI.

What would the official recommendation for this?

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  •[email protected] BrnoMember, Administrator, Kentico Staff admin

    Hi Ralph,
    could you please give us a little bit more information on this requirement?
    1. When and how would you like to use the localization in relation to this?
    2. What's the information architecture for client/industry

    In general we recommend to use modular content in wide variety of cases, but better understanding of your scenario will help us to find the best solution for you :)

  • ralphralph Member

    @TomasHruby , @MartinDanko we basically want to setup a similar navigation as shown here:

    • Clicking on commercial shows you all commercial projects, etc.

    This is clearly best done by tagging projects. However, since the tags are exposed to the user, they need translation.

    What we did now, I created a content model called categories create as many categories in the inventory that I need and drag and drop these content models into the project.

  • videovideo Member

    One year later - still postponed?

  •[email protected] Brno, Czech RepublicMember

    Hi video, it's not on the roadmap yet since we didn't get many requirements since then and we've been working on other new features. However, if you could tell us more about your use case, it would help us to get better insights and eventually get this released sooner.

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