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Hi all developers!
I want to give you a short heads up on what's happening around our SDKs.


Last week, we released a new Taxonomy Groups endpoint which was immediately reflected in the .NET, TypeScript and Java SDKs.

Java SDK

Yes, you heard right - Java SDK! Thanks to our most valuable contributor Adam Weigold (Trusted Choice) the Java SDK is nearing its official release! We still need to do some polishing and tune the documentation so we would really appreciate if you could help us with some of the issues:

Feel free to give the SDK a try, and as always - any feedback is really appreciated.


Several people were asking about the PHP SDK lately. Yes, it's still absolutely on our roadmap for Q4 and if nothing will change then it's going to be our top priority once the Java SDK is officially out (end of September at the latest). In the meantime you can check out the what's in progress and what we plan. We expect the first alpha to be released in about a week. We'll let you know here in the forums.

How we prioritize the SDKs

Basically, the plan is to cover all platforms one by one according to their popularity among the global developer community. We reconsider the priorities if we see an immediate interest in contributing to one of the platforms by our community.

Other SDKs

Mobile SDKs for Android & iOS

Currently, we have some proofs of concept and our intention is to turn them into SDKs after we release the PHP SDK.

Ruby, Python, or something else?

We'd like to hear from YOU what are the most important tech stacks and where you think we should direct our attention next.

That's it for today. Next time, I'll share some news regarding our sample apps.

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