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Is there anywhere I can read more about how the tracking/analytics works? In particular I'm interested in how to properly implement this in a single-page application.

edit: or will this all become clear when activity tracking is implemented?


  • JurajU@kentico.com[email protected] Member, Kentico Staff mod

    Hello, Sam!

    I would recommend reading the Tracking and personalization section in our Developer Hub.
    End-user documentation of the same features is available at our Help Center. Let me know if you find something unclear or missing.

    Regarding SPA development, there is a limitation. Our tracking script currently logs page visits on page load - that usually happens only once in a single-page application. To track the visitors' journey through your SPA, we recommend you use Custom activities tracking. You can log a custom action each time a visitor enters a particular section of your application or performs a particular action.

    We are currently working on enhancements to this functionality. You will soon be able to see custom actions in the contact's profile and log them using a REST API.

  • samsam Member

    Thanks I will implement custom activities :-)

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