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Greetings all developers!
Let me share a short update on Kentico Cloud sample apps with you.

.NET Sample App

With the new Taxonomy Groups endpoint, we've updated the .NET Sample App with an example demonstrating usage of the taxonomies for filtering products.

We've also made it much easier to set up the app by adding a simple configuration wizard that let's you set the Project ID by choosing one of the following options:

  • logging in/singing up and selecting an existing project
  • logging in/signing up and creating a new project
  • using the "shared" sample project
  • manually entering the project id

Another improvement takes advantage of the new "Value Converters" that have been introduced recently in the .NET Delivery SDK. Value convertors let you deserialize element values received from the KC Delivery endpoint to CLR types of your choice.
The improvement I'm talking about is a new way of rendering inline modular content, we call it "Structured rich text rendering". Basically, it means that you can use strongly-typed approach and MVC display templates to render content modules instead of typing HTML in C# which is unpractical and tedious. Take a look at how we render tweets and videos in articles.

Last but not least, the .NET Sample App can now be easily instantiated via the Azure Marketplace.

React Sample App

Similarly to the .NET App, we've added an example usage of the new taxonomy endpoint also to the React app.

The biggest news is that the app was completely rewritten to use the TypeScript SDK.

We're working on examples of resolving links and inline modular content. Any help appreciated!

.NET Boilerplate

We've been receiving very positive feedback about the .NET boilerplate so we'll definitely be adding more and more functionality to it. The next big thing is to migrate the boilerplate to .NET Core 2.0. If you want to help us with that, we'll gladly provide you with more details.

Sample Apps overview

Finally, we've created a new overview page in the documentation containing all sample apps and tools. Expect all new sample apps to be there.

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